Our Projects

Our Workshop projects are all about collaboration. We like to create together with 
other artisits, design thinkers, makers and companies.

Here are some projects we’re proud of…

Glass projects

Battery Park decor 2020

In 2020,added to the Watershed action, the Waterfront decided to also decorate the Battery Park area near the skate park and basketball court.

V&A Watershed festive decor 2020

V&A Watershed festive decor 2020 For the second year in a row, we were very fortunately invited to take part in making the 2020 festive

Wire work workshop in Obs 2020

While we were not allowed to convene in our workshop space in Langa during lockdown in October 2020, we started to get together in Observatory to stay in touch and do some skill exchange workshops.

Basket weaving workshop 2020

Basket weaving workshop 2020 Inspired by a lockdown project on Instagram – basket club – we started to explore a technique of basket making called

COVID quilting project 2020

COVID quilting project 2020 As COVID 19 decimated our sense of community, in order to maintain a sense of togetherness, and as a form of

Sustainability and our environment

Our Workshop provide education on how to collect, separate and upcycle waste in an environmentally conscious way. The waste is used to make products which in turn will make living spaces more green and liveable – including shacks in townships.

This allows people to experience for themselves how more environmentally sensitive choices can improve their lives.

Teaching environmental education

Sustainable making & play

Calling all creative & curious individuals

Even if you haven’t got a creative bone in your body. If you have a curiosity to create with us, get involved by joining our growing network of makers. If your application is successful, you can connect with us from anywhere in the world.


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For a small monthly or once-off donation, you can join Our Creative Collective. It’s a great way of connecting up with like-minded makers…

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Come join in any of our workshops to see what all the fuss is about. We do upcycling, beading, crochet, weaving, you name it, we got it!

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