Our Projects

Our Workshop projects are all about collaboration. We like to create together with 
other artisits, design thinkers, makers and companies.

Here are some projects we’re proud of…

Collaborative projects

Trash tunnel with Thingking 2020

Thingking is a great local design studio and manufacturer of amazing things. In March 2020 they asked us to be part of a large scale installation.

V&A Watershed festive decor 2019

Midway through 2019, we received a really massive and exciting commission from Platform Creative to make festive decor for the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront . This was a monumental move for the Waterfront; they chose to move away from the traditional imported decor used by most malls, and rather had decorations made by local craft and design companies from around Cape Town and South Africa, creating great growth opportunities for many locals. Many thanks to Platform Creative

Follies in the veld with the MAAK 2019

In December 2019 we embarked on an almost year long project with architecture firm theMAAK: their 3rd edition of Follies in the Veld.

Stage for Afrikaburn Streetopia 2019

Stage for Afrikaburn Streetopia 2019 For the Afrikaburn annual street festival – Streetopia – we were asked to construct one of the music stages on


Faithful to Nature big fish 2019

In August 2019, we received a commission from Faithful to Nature to make a huge fish shaped rubbish bin for use initially at the V&A Waterfront, then to be placed at schools all around Cape Town.


Afrikaburn 2019 – Our first theme camp

In late 2018, we decided to attempt to get the team to Afrikaburn 2019. We started a Givengain campaign to raise funds for the adventure, and luckily received some funding from Afrikaburn to get there, including obtaining anathi tickets and artist tickets.

Sustainability and our environment

Our Workshop provide education on how to collect, separate and upcycle waste in an environmentally conscious way. The waste is used to make products which in turn will make living spaces more green and liveable – including shacks in townships.

This allows people to experience for themselves how more environmentally sensitive choices can improve their lives.

Teaching environmental education

Sustainable making & play

Calling all creative & curious individuals

Even if you haven’t got a creative bone in your body. If you have a curiosity to create with us, get involved by joining our growing network of makers. If your application is successful, you can connect with us from anywhere in the world.


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