V&A Watershed festive decor 2019

Midway through 2019, we received a really massive and exciting commission from Platform Creative to make festive decor for the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront . This was a monumental move for the Waterfront; they chose to move away from the traditional imported decor used by most malls, and rather had decorations made by local craft and design companies from around Cape Town and South Africa, creating great growth opportunities for many locals. Many thanks to Platform Creative https://platformcreative.co.za/



Our job was to design and manufacture 2 massive chandeliers from post consumer plastic waste for the enormous spaces at each main entrance to the building. We collected, transported and washed about 3000 bottles. This process was long and arduous, with bottles coming in on a weekly basis and a team constantly washing washing washing.

Thereafter, we collaboratively designed a lot of different flower shapes in a week-long series of making sessions with all the Our Workshop members.

Once we had decided on a promising direction for the flower construction, we moved into manufacturing mode, making hundreds of colourful flowers. At this point, we had to move our operations to one of the Waterfront parking garages for more space to assemble many long strands of flowers, and to attach them to two massive steel structures.

Then it came time for the big install.

Once all the decor was installed, the Waterfront invited all the makers involved in making the decor to a grand unveiling and it was spectacular!